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Buy Tradeniti Book in Hindi – India’s First Complete Hindi Book Written On the Stock Market

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Tradeniti Book in Hindi | Tradeniti Hindi Book

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tradeniti book in hindi
TitleTradeniti Kaise Bane Safal Professional Trader
AuthorYuvraj S. Kalshetti
PublisherTradeniti Investment Solution
Published Date10 September 2021
CategoryInvesting/Trading/Fundamental Analysis
Book Length671 pages
Target AudienceBeginner Investors and Traders who want to learn about stock market in Hindi language
Key TopicsIPO, Share Market, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Theory, Psychology of Trading, Money Management, Economy Analysis, Algo Trading, Derivatives, Option Market and strategies, Commodity Market, Currency Market, Mutual fund
Tradeniti Book PriceRs 990 (on Amazon as of writing this article)
Notable FeaturesEverything is explained in detail and at the end of the book you have a section of questions where you test your knowledge.
Writing StyleClear and concise
Author’s BackgroundAuthor runs share market classes in Pune, Maharashtra.

Approximately 70% of general investors lose all their investments in the stock market within six months due to incomplete information from various sources.

Are you taking such information for granted?

There’s a separate book for every subject; why not read one book that contains all this knowledge in easy-to-digest language so you can trade on live markets with it?

Hence, we have got you India’s first complete Hindi book on stock markets, “Tradeniti Kaise Bane Safal Professional Trader.”


Main Theme

This book seeks to provide comprehensive knowledge of the stock market in an accessible and straightforward style, helping new investors become successful professional traders.

Key Ideas

This book emphasizes the following key ideas:

  • This book comprehensively covers every aspect of stock market trading, such as trading in different markets (stock, commodity or currency), types of trading (intraday, positional or investment), and different trading strategies, such as fundamental or technical analysis.
  • This book guides selecting the ideal stock, investing at the correct price, and getting the correct return with minimal risk.
  • Ultimately, its goal is to arm readers with the knowledge they can apply in the real market, helping them become successful professional traders.

Chapters in Tradeniti Book in Hindi


This book is tailored toward investors and traders who want to learn about stock market and trading in Hindi language.

Publisher and First Published Date

The book was published by Tradeniti Investment Solution in September 2021.

Tradeniti Book Price

As of writing this article, Tradeniti book price is Rs 990 on Amazon.

If you want to check its current price then click on the below button:

Reception or Critical Review of the Book

This book has received positive reviews for its insights into the investment strategies.

It was praised for its concise writing style and practical advice for investors.

Tradeniti Book Review

Here’s the Tradeniti Book review take a look:

Tradeniti Review

Author’s Background and Qualifications

Tradeniti book in hindi authorYuvraj S. Kalshetti runs share market classes in Pune, Maharashtra.

He studied at Shree Chatrapati Shivaji College, Omerga in Maharashtra.

Give this book a try:

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