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ravi patel books

Trading in financial markets is both rewarding and risky; to succeed as a trader, one must have in-depth knowledge of markets, sound trading strategies, and effective risk management techniques – something Ravi Patel books excels at.

Ravi Patel, an expert technical analyst, and trader based out of India, has written multiple books about trading and technical analysis.

These books cover various topics related to these subjects, such as technical analysis techniques, candlestick charting, swing trading strategies, and tactical trading techniques.

We will look closely at several of Ravi Patel books to help traders make more informed decisions and increase their chances of success in the markets.

Ravi Patel Books List

Ravi Patel has written overall 4 books till now. Here’s the list of Ravi Patel books:

  1. Guide to Technical Analysis & Candlesticks
  2. 31 Stock Market Trading Tips
  3. Swing Trading With Technical Analysis
  4. Technical Analysis With Tactical Marking Strategy

1. Guide to Technical Analysis & Candlesticks

guide to technical analysis and candlesticks

Understanding technical analysis is vital for making informed investment decisions, regardless of experience level or education.

Ravi Patel’s Guide to Technical Analysis and Candlesticks is an excellent way for beginners to learn the fundamentals and apply them in choosing stocks at the appropriate times.

Patel provides an in-depth discussion of various technical analysis tools, such as support and resistance levels, moving averages, candlestick patterns, chart patterns, technical indicators, and oscillators.

He uses numerous case studies and charts to demonstrate how these tools can help identify trading opportunities while managing risk using stop losses effectively.

He also offers valuable insights on when to exit trades at optimal times to achieve maximum profits.

One of the key strengths of this book lies in its versatility; the technical analysis concepts discussed can be applied across various investment horizons for intraday trading, short-term positional trading, swing trading, BTST/STBT trading of futures/options as well as delivery-based investing.

Thus, it is an invaluable resource for traders and investors across different financial domains.

Overall, “Guide to Technical Analysis and Candlesticks” is an invaluable resource for traders of any experience level looking to hone their trading skills and increase their chances of success in the markets.

No matter where you’re starting in trading or whether this book provides valuable insight for investment decisions.

2. 31 Stock Market Trading Tips

This book presents 31 golden rules applicable to various forms of trading and investing, from intraday trading to long-term investments.

These tips are easy to grasp, practical, and cover various aspects of trading such as risk management, capital allocation, trend analysis, order placement, and emotional control – enabling investors and traders to maximize their gains and minimize losses on the stock market.

Following these golden rules can help anyone successfully navigate and meet their financial goals more easily and safely.

This book should be read by anyone hoping to achieve financial independence and reach their financial goals successfully!

No matter your experience in trading or investing, these 31 Stock Market Trading Tips will assist in helping you to achieve your financial goals in the stock market.

Each tip comes complete with clear and concise explanations, making them simple to implement – applicable to India’s stock exchange and elsewhere worldwide.

This book stresses the significance of having a plan before undertaking any trade or investment decision and having the discipline to avoid overtrading.

Furthermore, its tips cover trend analysis, stop loss theory, managing emotions, and portfolio diversification.

By reading this book, investors and traders will learn how to effectively manage their capital, take profits when appropriate, limit losses, and identify market opportunities and take advantage of them—written using clear language that everyone can comprehend.

3. Swing Trading With Technical Analysis

Ravi Patel book ‘Swing Trading With Technical Analysis’ can help you master the technique of swing trading and make big money in the Indian stock market.

This book covers everything you need to know about swing trading as a form of financial speculation and the differences it presents from other trading strategies, plus an in-depth guide on

using various technical analysis tools like to support/resistance levels, moving averages, candlestick patterns, chart patterns and indicators as tools of analysis to detect swing trading opportunities with ease.

This book features numerous case studies and charts. It also teaches when to enter/hold/sell during shorter time frames of swing trading. It stresses risk management techniques when trading this way.

No matter your experience or knowledge level, this book provides invaluable insight into swing trading.

With concepts relevant to Indian stock markets explained in the book, mastering short-term trading techniques through swing trading should become second nature!

4. Technical Analysis With Tactical Marking Strategy

Last in the list of Ravi Patel books is “Technical Analysis with Tactical Marking Strategy” which provides traders with a versatile trading system to address market fluctuations across multiple time frames.

This book introduces the Tactical Marking Strategy, which constantly adjusts to market changes before offering an entry trigger.

This approach allows traders to enter at the appropriate point with a favorable risk/reward ratio, identify false price actions quickly, and usually exit with profits in their pockets.

This system helps traders prevent losses by ensuring they exit a position in profit even when trading doesn’t move as expected.

With proper risk management skills, traders can remain profitable over time. This book emphasizes the value of using information over opinions to make trading decisions.

A Tactical Marking Strategy provides a dynamic yet flexible system that delivers high success ratios in all market conditions and conditions.

A must-read for traders looking for an informed approach to trading and investment with technical analysis as an ally.

Ravi Patel’s Qualifications and Background

ravi patel booksRavi Patel hails from India and attended NMIMS (Mumbai) and Mithibai College (Mumbai).

Since early in his financial market involvement, Ravi has recognized that technical analysis was key for investing and trading success, learning it under Mr. Gowswami, an established expert.

Through continuous advancement and research efforts, he has created his ultimate strategy, which offers solutions for most problems investors and traders encounter when investing or trading. This plan offers answers that provide solutions.

As part of his plan to provide investors and traders with the necessary skills for success in financial markets, he decided to inform as many people as possible so they wouldn’t experience what he did when starting in financial markets.

To reach more readers and reach a wider audience quickly, He decided to write four books that have since been released in four languages – all popular among readers due to their helpful guides for technical analysis and real-world experience of financial markets.

His first book was published in 2010; so far, his four other works are all highly regarded by readers as top recommendations in terms of technical analysis knowledge and real-world experience of financial markets.

As an active speaker and visiting professor at several renowned management and financial institutions, he has also written for numerous reputable financial news publications with columns that feature him prominently.

Furthermore, he has trained numerous professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, and business people, who have seen great success trading and investing with his guidance.

Because he enjoys financial independence, he values spending time with his children and wife, taking full advantage of their presence.

Reading is his favorite pastime during free time – money only becomes useful if it allows one to spend time with loved ones.

Wrap Up on Ravi Patel Books

Ravi Patel books provide invaluable advice and strategies to those interested in investing in the Indian stock market.

From swing trading with technical analysis to his Tactical Marking Strategy, readers can draw upon Patel’s extensive experience and expertise in this investment area.

His proven track record and dedication to helping investors thrive make them must-reads for anyone wanting to get ahead in Indian stock market investing.

These are the books we discussed today:

guide to technical analysis and candlesticks
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